Webmail: read and write e-mails in the internet browser




If you would like to use your e-mail address without restricting yourself to a specific e-mail program, you can work best with webmail. With webmail you have fast and simple access to your messages, even on a foreign computer with internet access. The setting options are described below.



The Login to the mailadmin/webmail can be found on the homepage of exigo.


The first e-mail address of a mailbox is used as the default sender. If it should be a different address, you have to change the order of the e-mail addresses in the mailadmin.


The default language of the web mail is German. If you prefer a different language, you can change it in the options menu under display settings.


In the webmail you can create new folders that simplify the archiving and organization of e-mails.

Import the address book

In the webmail you can import CSV files that contains address data. CSV files can be exported from local address books or from e-mail programs.

The CSV file has to meet the requirements of the webmail. You have to separate the individual data fields by using commas (For Excel you have to use semicolons). The individual data records are separated by a line break.

Here is an example of a correct CSV file:

The nickname is optional; unless specified otherwise, the address book uses the e-mail address as the nickname.
If the generated CSV file does not have the required structure, it can be adapted in a text editor (with search/replace).


here is an integrated help function in webmail, which provides additional helpful explanations.



Am Montag, 13. Februar 2017 werden wir auf unseren Windows Hosting Servern die aktuellsten Patches und Updates einspielen.

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Unsere Linux-Webprodukte werden anfangs 2017 mit neuen Features ausgestattet.

Die Produkte erhalten neue Namen (web bronze, silber, gold) und auf dem web bronze steht dann neu auch eine MySQL-Datenbank zur Verfügung.Für die Produkte silber und gold können kostenfreie Let's Encrypt SSL Zertifikate integriert werden.

Weitere Details finden Sie im Newsbeitrag.

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Zusätzlich zu unseren News haben wir einen Blog eingerichtet.

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